An eco-conscious divestyle resort at Bali

In November 2015 we travelled from Bali to the Gili's for a dive trip. As our final destination was Gili Air, we booked a one night stay at the OK divers resort & spa in Padang Bai. Although we were looking forward to our stay at the Gili's, we were sad to leave this place … Continue reading An eco-conscious divestyle resort at Bali


A green lodge in Gili Air

Being one of the most popular destinations of Indonesia, the Gili Islands are hard to miss. Although we wanted to see these beautiful islands ourself, we also wished to escape the tourist traps. We very well succeeded in that as we found a green getaway at the westside of Gili Air. Difference between the Gili Islands Gili Air … Continue reading A green lodge in Gili Air

Volunteering at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre in North-Sulawesi

This destination holds a special place in my heart. Ever since I saw its founder Dr. Willie Smits in a Dutch television show talking passionately about his dedication to fight deforestation, protect rainforests and rescue wildlife and the orangutan in particular, I knew I wanted to contribute to his work myself. So in June 2013 I packed my bag … Continue reading Volunteering at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre in North-Sulawesi

High-class conservation in West-Papua

As much as I love to travel, I am needed at home in Singapore from time to time. In order to keep you updated on unique eco-friendly destinations, I will start sharing places where I haven't been (yet) but know from different sources that they are worth the attention. This weeks destination is one that … Continue reading High-class conservation in West-Papua

Underwater paradise in North-Sulawesi

At the northern tip of Indonesia’s Sulawesi, a tiny 8 km² island is located. It is known for its breathtaking underwater world and therefore popular amongst scuba divers and snorkelers. Meet Bunaken Island! The island is part of the Bunaken National Marine Park: a unique tropical water ecosystem consisting of mangroves, coral reefs and many tropical … Continue reading Underwater paradise in North-Sulawesi

Mutiara Beach Resort at Bintan Island

It may not be as famous as its big brothers Java, Sumatra and Bali, but Bintan Island is definitely worth some attention. As it's just a 45-minutes boat tour away from Singapore, Bintan is a popular getaway for Singaporeans that want to escape the city for a weekend without putting to much effort in their journey. Though … Continue reading Mutiara Beach Resort at Bintan Island