5 elephant volunteering programmes in Thailand

Last April I went to Thailand to work as a volunteer at The Surin Project, an ethical elephant tourism project. It proved to be a very rewarding experience. Ever since, several of my friends consider making a similar trip theirselves. I always encourage people to go for it! Voluntourism is a showcase example of sustainable tourism … Continue reading 5 elephant volunteering programmes in Thailand

Elephant volunteering at the Surin Project

Last april I had the privilege to travel to Thailand to participate as a volunteer at a very unique elephant project. It turned into a special week where I met many passionate people from all over the world, felt part of the local community and most importantly: had the unique opportunity to experience elephants from up close. … Continue reading Elephant volunteering at the Surin Project

Unethical elephant tourism in Asia

As Asia may be the most popular continent for travelling on earth, one of its most popular inhabitants is the Asian Elephant. Who doesn't like the friendly giants? And since we love them so much, visiting an elephant project is on the bucket list of every traveller. However, there are many forms of unethical projects … Continue reading Unethical elephant tourism in Asia