Unethical elephant tourism in Asia

As Asia may be the most popular continent for travelling on earth, one of its most popular inhabitants is the Asian Elephant. Who doesn't like the friendly giants? And since we love them so much, visiting an elephant project is on the bucket list of every traveller. However, there are many forms of unethical projects … Continue reading Unethical elephant tourism in Asia

High-class conservation in West-Papua

As much as I love to travel, I am needed at home in Singapore from time to time. In order to keep you updated on unique eco-friendly destinations, I will start sharing places where I haven't been (yet) but know from different sources that they are worth the attention. This weeks destination is one that … Continue reading High-class conservation in West-Papua

Sydney’s conscious suburb

When it comes to eco-consciousness, there is no doubt you can get around in Sydney as this city is way ahead of it’s time. But there is one suburb in particular that seems to have it all. Meet Newtown! Newtown is a vibrant neighbourhood located approximately four kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district and … Continue reading Sydney’s conscious suburb

KL’s rainforest getaway

Just a one-hour drive away from Malaysia's buzzing capital Kuala Lumpur, you will find the Berembun Forest Reserve: an ancient protected rainforest with 4,000 acres in size. It is the perfect weekend retreat for KL citizens and travelers looking for a nearby getaway. We are heading to The Dusun, a tranquil orchard eco-resort on the edge of the rainforest. Started off as a … Continue reading KL’s rainforest getaway

Underwater paradise in North-Sulawesi

At the northern tip of Indonesia’s Sulawesi, a tiny 8 km² island is located. It is known for its breathtaking underwater world and therefore popular amongst scuba divers and snorkelers. Meet Bunaken Island! The island is part of the Bunaken National Marine Park: a unique tropical water ecosystem consisting of mangroves, coral reefs and many tropical … Continue reading Underwater paradise in North-Sulawesi

An eco-conscious city trip to Bangkok

How to make eco–conscious choices within one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations? Start with choosing a colonial style bed & breakfast over big hotel chains. Baan Pra Nond is a family run bed & breakfast, keen on being an home away from home. The friendly staff welcomes you with a traditional Thai tea … Continue reading An eco-conscious city trip to Bangkok

Mutiara Beach Resort at Bintan Island

It may not be as famous as its big brothers Java, Sumatra and Bali, but Bintan Island is definitely worth some attention. As it's just a 45-minutes boat tour away from Singapore, Bintan is a popular getaway for Singaporeans that want to escape the city for a weekend without putting to much effort in their journey. Though … Continue reading Mutiara Beach Resort at Bintan Island