My hotspots in Singapore

As I live in Singapore myself, many people who visit ask me to share tips. So why not share it with a wide audience at the blog? I wrote about 5 green outdoor activities in Singapore before, in this blog many other of my favourite hotspots, restaurants, museums and places to go! Little India My first … Continue reading My hotspots in Singapore

What to bring on a volunteer trip?

In an earlier blog, I wrote about what to expect when choosing to work as a volunteer at an animal project. As I went on two different volunteering trips myself, I noticed that a checklist on what to bring is also a very helpful tool in order to prepare yourself decently. Therefore, in this blog … Continue reading What to bring on a volunteer trip?

Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands paradise

A few years ago, I got introduced to the Perhentian Islands in a Dutch travel programme. Ever since this magnificent island paradise with its crystal clear sea full of marine life and coral gardens, powdery white sand beaches and virgin jungles has been high on the bucket list. Last weekend, we finally had the chance to … Continue reading Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands paradise

A weekend trip to Hong Kong

Last January I paid a visit to Hong Kong, which was a long desired destination as I heard many great stories about the world's most vertical city - 311 skyscrapers to be precise. Although HK and Singapore are often being compared amongst expats, I got to experience in person that both cities are completely different and … Continue reading A weekend trip to Hong Kong

Exploring Australia’s Bellingen

Last December I celebrated the holidays with family in Bellingen, an idyllic village in New South Whales at the east coast of Australia. Located halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, Bellingen is surrounded by a beautiful scenery. While most travellers head straight to the famous big national parks, I got to experience the overwhelming beauty of some smaller nature reserves … Continue reading Exploring Australia’s Bellingen

Environmentally friendly sunscreens

What would a holiday be without the sun? One of the key elements every traveler thinks of when planning a trip, is bringing sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburning. However, the sunscreen you use may be protecting you but do harm to the planet. For this blog I did some research and compiled a … Continue reading Environmentally friendly sunscreens

5 green outdoor activities in Singapore

While many people visit Singapore only for a few days as a stopover for another destination, most visitors head straight to hotspots like Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown and Little India. However, as Singapore aims to be a city in a park, your stay is not complete without a visit to one of the many lush greeneries. I wrote about Pulau Ubin … Continue reading 5 green outdoor activities in Singapore