Tangkoko Nature Reserve in North-Sulawesi

The north of Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes, is mainly known for its dive sites, nature parks and volcanic mountains. But it might be one of Indonesia's best kept secrets that the rainforests at Sulawesi are home to some of the most unique animals on earth, including a tiny monkey which is considered to be … Continue reading Tangkoko Nature Reserve in North-Sulawesi

5 ethical elephant day-trips in Thailand

Since the elephant is the national animal of Thailand, elephant tourism is a key factor in the Thai tourism industry. Due to a growing awareness of the cruelty and the abuse that many elephants have to bear, more and more tourists are looking for an animal-friendly alternative. However, while this is a positive trend, there is … Continue reading 5 ethical elephant day-trips in Thailand

Exploring Australia’s Bellingen

Last December I celebrated the holidays with family in Bellingen, an idyllic village in New South Whales at the east coast of Australia. Located halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, Bellingen is surrounded by a beautiful scenery. While most travellers head straight to the famous big national parks, I got to experience the overwhelming beauty of some smaller nature reserves … Continue reading Exploring Australia’s Bellingen

5 green outdoor activities in Singapore

While many people visit Singapore only for a few days as a stopover for another destination, most visitors head straight to hotspots like Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown and Little India. However, as Singapore aims to be a city in a park, your stay is not complete without a visit to one of the many lush greeneries. I wrote about Pulau Ubin … Continue reading 5 green outdoor activities in Singapore

Unethical elephant tourism in Asia

As Asia may be the most popular continent for travelling on earth, one of its most popular inhabitants is the Asian Elephant. Who doesn't like the friendly giants? And since we love them so much, visiting an elephant project is on the bucket list of every traveller. However, there are many forms of unethical projects … Continue reading Unethical elephant tourism in Asia

KL’s rainforest getaway

Just a one-hour drive away from Malaysia's buzzing capital Kuala Lumpur, you will find the Berembun Forest Reserve: an ancient protected rainforest with 4,000 acres in size. It is the perfect weekend retreat for KL citizens and travelers looking for a nearby getaway. We are heading to The Dusun, a tranquil orchard eco-resort on the edge of the rainforest. Started off as a … Continue reading KL’s rainforest getaway

A rural getaway in Singapore

When thinking of Singapore, most people will think of a rapidly developed city with many skyscrapers, being a melting pot of cultures. But it is also known as the garden city, maintaining a greening policy that has covered the island with tropical flora, parks and nature reserves. Amongst them is Pulau Ubin, a 10 km2 island … Continue reading A rural getaway in Singapore