About me

As with many other millennials, travelling is a great passion of mine. Nothing beats the joy of discovering a hidden paradise, exploring new cultures, enjoying delicious local food and most of all to experience this amazing planet and all its incredible secrets.

But like everything in life, tourism comes at a price. It may not always be visible but us travellers leave big tracks behind, causing negative impact on livelihoods, wildlife and ecosystems. This is unnecessary as we can actually make great impact by making the right choices.

Being aware of this ourselves, my husband and I spend hours on finding the perfect spot while planning a trip. We always look for spots away from the commercial tourist traps, where we can enjoy the country with respect and support for the local community, nature and wildlife. And although the search for the perfect trip can cause some frustration every now and than, it has never let us down. We have had plenty of great travels, met the most inspiring people and always return back home happy and a little (world)wiser.

These trips and experiences inspired me to start The Green Track, a travellers blog with must visit unique eco-friendly destinations in Asia-Pacific and tips for easy but well considered travellers choices. Spots that are off the beaten track and ensure you a great and unique trip with minimal footprint but maximal impact. To encourage eco-conscious travels to follow the green track ourselves and, maybe even more important, to leave a green track behind for the many generations to come.