An eco-conscious divestyle resort at Bali

In November 2015 we travelled from Bali to the Gili’s for a dive trip. As our final destination was Gili Air, we booked a one night stay at the OK divers resort & spa in Padang Bai. Although we were looking forward to our stay at the Gili’s, we were sad to leave this place after just one night since we both enjoyed it so much. Regardless the length of our stay, this is definitely a place worth sharing!

OK Divers Resort & SPA in Padang Bai

OK Divers Bali.png

The OK Divers Resort & Spa is located in Padang Bai at the east coast of Bali. Both the Balinese staff and the owners are very friendly and willing to advise you to make sure you have an enjoyable stay.

OK divers resort & spa Bali

The rooms are spacious and have very comfortable beds. As the resort has an integrated dive-centre and resort, it is a perfect place for dive lovers. But even without diving, you will enjoy your time here like we did. You can opt for a relaxing massage at the Balinese Spa or cool down in the pool.

At the Colonial restaurant, a variety of both Indonesian and Western food is being served. You might want to order a Bintang beer as the restaurant is one of the few places that have Bintang on tap.


Ok Divers is an eco-resort that recognised their environmental responsibility and are committed to contribute to a more sustainable future. The fact that they refuse using plastic straws is a perfect example of the practice-what-you-preach attitude of this resort as straws are one of the most founded marine litters.

The Colonial is a fish friendly restaurant. Like stated at the website: no fish or seafood is served since admiring sea life during day time and eating it at night seems to be quite a paradoxical combination. A statement to my heart! And I can tell from experience, they serve pretty good food with plenty of options for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

Marine Debris Program

Once we have the chance, we will come back and spend some more time at this eco-fabulous resort.

Prices: Rooms at OK Divers Resort & Spa start at 900.000 RP or 62 EUR or 68 USD per night.

Transport: From the Denpasar Airport you can grab a cab that brings you to the resort. It is possible to book a cab at the resort in advance. If you are coming from the Gili’s or Lombok, it is a 2-minutes walk from the Padang Bai port to the resort.

From Padangbai it is easy to catch the fast boat that brings you to the Gili Island and Lombok. You can buy a ticket at the boat or book online in advance.

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      1. In Ubud Bali, we noticed several cafes provide straws made of bamboo instead of plastic. We thought that was really thoughtful

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