High-class conservation in West-Papua

As much as I love to travel, I am needed at home in Singapore from time to time. In order to keep you updated on unique eco-friendly destinations, I will start sharing places where I haven’t been (yet) but know from different sources that they are worth the attention.

Bucket List

This weeks destination is one that has been on my bucket-list for quite some time, ever since I saw their very appealing movie (see below). Misool is a private island resort and conservation centre located in an archipelago of uninhabited islands, west of Papua.

Misool maps

Misool offers luxurious water cottages and beach villas in Balinese-style. As the main activities take place in the ocean, there is a dive-centre located at the resort. With a maximum capacity of just 40 guests and a staff-to-guest ratio of 3 to 1, a tranquil and inclusive holiday is guaranteed.

Misool 1

The one thing that makes Misool such an outstanding resort is their dedicated conservation effort. By combining sustainable tourism and community-based conservation they protect one of the most biodiverse reefs on earth, creating a save haven for marine life. Misool guards 300,000 acres/1220 sq km Marine Reserve – nearly twice the size of Singapore! Besides, they sponsor education and recycling projects.

I will spend no more words as the movie speaks for itself. Without a doubt this resort will end up at your bucket-list too once you have seen it.

Prices: Prices start at USD 2400 or EUR 2242 (low season) for 8 days. This includes pick-up from the Sorong airport and porter service, one night and breakfast in Sorong following your stay at Misool, drinks and four meals a day and some additional events.

Transport: Getting to the Sorong airport (SOQ) can be challenging with several stop-overs. Misool advises their guests to arrive in Sorong with Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta.

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