Mutiara Beach Resort at Bintan Island

It may not be as famous as its big brothers Java, Sumatra and Bali, but Bintan Island is definitely worth some attention. As it’s just a 45-minutes boat tour away from Singapore, Bintan is a popular getaway for Singaporeans that want to escape the city for a weekend without putting to much effort in their journey.


Though many resorts are located near Bintan Resort Ferry, we chose to catch a cab for a 1-hour drive to escape the commercial resorts and drive inwards to the east coast. In the middle of a nature reserve and at the edge of the beach, you will find the tranquil eco-friendly getaway Mutiara Beach Resort.

Rooms come in a private hut, with an outside toilet and shower. Be aware: this is a back-to-basic resort, so no noise-cancelling windows or warm water. But nothing beats waking up to the sounds of nature and mornings sunbeams, a luxury you won’t find in the city.


A beach house is located at the edge of the resort, from here you can easily access the beach. Water sports equipment is for rent such as kajaks, snorkels and stand-up paddle boards. Guests that are looking for a rest can take a seat on a relaxing deckchair while facing the ocean.

If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, don’t hesitate booking a wellness treatment at the River Spa: a unique floating spa located on a mangrove river by the sea.

As the friendly owner Mark explained to us, Mutiara Beach Resort is a community-driven resort. The team consists of 20 local associates who take care of the kitchen, the spa and park maintenance. The kitchen offers both local and international meals with options for vegetarians. A big plus is the wood burning oven, which provides heavenly pizza’s.

Mutiara Beach Resorts pays a big contribution to living in harmony with nature and wildlife. Fresh coconuts are harvested daily, super fresh and delicious. Washed up garbage is collected from the beach to be burned in a small energy plant.

In a back-to-nature resort like this, it is unescapable to experience some inconveniences like mosquitos and sandflies. Therefore it is advices to prepare yourself by bringing long-sleeved clothing while repellent, mosquito coils and nets are provided by the staff.

Bintan can be reached by ferry from Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia or by plane from Jakarta. If you want to recharge in Indonesia’s pure nature than this is the place to go!

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